TikTok Influencers The BlondeJon and JoeySendz Launch first NFT Collection, The Junior Punks, of its Kind

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, December 20, 2021. The Junior Punks NFT collection is a complete disruption to the traditional NFT market by curating their NFT’s sales with top-tier viral content and rare fine art value. Social media influencers @TheBlondeJon and @JoeySendz have released their own NFT collection, The Junior Punks.

The Junior Punks is a brand new collection of 5,555 pixel art characters on the Ethereum blockchain. With a winter tier 1 & 2 whitelisting happened days prior. Supporters were given 3 ways to get on the Junior Punks whitelist of 555:

1. Get a classic baby doll from any store & write #JuniorPunks on the forehead, take a picture of it and post it on your story and tag @TheJuniorPunks.
2. Level up in the Discord.
3. Invite 15 people to the Discord community.

By purchasing a Junior Punk NFT, holders are qualified to participate in a chance to win a pair of the much anticipated HTC’s ViveFlow, a Tesla Model 3 Performance, and a trip with two companions to Los Angeles, CA. It also grants all owners access to exclusive content such as their VR art gallery and access to their private AMA discussions with A-list celebrities, notable Blockchain VIP’s, professional athletes, and well known music artists within the creator community. A number of high-profile celebrities like NFL’s Vikings -Anthony Barr, Rapper Cuban Doll, former NBA player and founder of the @IamBlackSanta are all owners of the collection.

Essentially, by investing in the Junior Punks community, you’ll instantly be a part of a massive, exclusive community of experts discussing the future of NFTs, teaching new community members the basics, supporting and connecting with people in similar industries, and being the first to hear about new announcements and opportunities. The value is undeniable. Exclusive Junior Punks owners will be able to participate in the Discord community conversations with macro-influencers, AGT winners, entrepreneurs, celebrities and more daily. An added value bonus will be having access to exclusive in-person events and in the Metaverse.

“Junior Punks NFT collection has the best of both worlds” say’s co-owner JoeySendz.

Junior Punks Unpacked

This collection represents great change and presents to people the chance to open themselves up to a new world of opportunity; it’s the very first of its kind. There will be 15–20 ultra-rare 1/1 NFT’s. The tier 1 & 2 presale happened days prior for 555 whitelisted members, with the public sale launches December 20th at 6pm. Official prices are 0.15 Eth but the whitelist members got full value for a lower price.

Meet the Creators — @TheBlondeJon and @Joeysendz

TheBlondeJon is mostly known for his Tik Tok following of 4.7M, but has also has years of experience in ecommerce as well, not only has he built a large following on his personal social platforms, but is also apart of the Tik Tok rangers where they’ve collaborated with celebrities like Lizzo and more.

Joeysendz is known for comedic videos on Tik Tok. Joey has been doing crypto, ecommerce, social
media, and sales for years and has been all in on the NFT community for months now.

Join the Junior Punks Community
Website http://thejuniorpunks.com/
IG: @TheJuniorPunks https://www.instagram.com/thejuniorpunks/
Twitter: @JuniorpunksNFT
Discord: https://discord.gg/U7rJb6C5Xn



I am a freelance writer from Boston.

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